VINIDE released their last music video for now and announce a farewell concert!

Finnish symphonic metal band Vinide released their last music video for the track ‘The Bombs’. The track is taken from their concept album Reveal which was released last year via Inverse Records.
Vinide’s farewell concert will be held in the home town of the band, Kuhmo Arts Centre, Lentua Hall 12th of October 2019. During the evening almost every player that has been in the band is seen on the stage. We’ll go through the history of Vinide and take a look at the phases of since the year 2003.Vocalist Elmeri Kinnunen comment:
“For me, this band has been all my life since I was 15 years old and I have grown up with it. Maybe it is the time to leave this band in peace and think about doing something completely different or just concentrate on being a parent of two wonderful kids for a while.”Their latest album Reveal” is a science fiction story about a large information technology company ”OMEGA’s” former employee who finds himself locked in a mental asylum and is even sentenced to death. After he escapes the asylum he starts to find out what is really going on and what is the biggest interest of OMEGA’s artificial intelligence project. The fears of the future seem to come true meanwhile the humankind is driving itself towards definite termination. The story goes on and a lot of plot twists are going to happen. How big is the urge to create something that humans don’t fully understand? What is going to happen to our hero during his journey finding out the origin of everything? You will find it out by listening the album via following links:
Albumi cover art: Petri Lampela
Track list
01. Intro
02. The Beginning Scene
03. Breakout
04. Reveal
05. Anger
06. The Rat
07. Plea
08. Emanuel
09. The Truth
10. The Plan
11. Believe
12. Bombs
13. Another Dimension
14. The Great Voyage
15. Save The Earth
Elmeri Kinnunen – guitars, vocals
Mikko Kähkönen – guitars
Heikki Polvinen – keyboards
Jaakko Juntunen – drumsLinks: