FEED THEM DEATH – premieres new track “The Underworld Unveiled” & new album “Negative” out in May

Acclaimed avantgarde extreme metal project FEED THEM DEATH conspireswith Brucia Records to release “Negative”, the project’s third full-length album, on May 7th 2021.

Today, Grizzly Butts is hosting an exclusive premiere of the new single “The Underworld Unveiled”. Check it out at THIS LOCATION!

This highly anticipated new release from FEED THEM DEATH represents the apex of a fierce and tenacious research into the realm of non-conformity, and the culmination of a 3 year long cycle of intense experimentation, deconstruction and remodeling of many extreme metal subgenres into a completely unique and dissonant outlet.

is a monumentally ambitious example of unorthodoxy and noncompliance in extreme music, eccentrically fusing the aggressiveness and speed of grindcore with the bleak and menacing heaviness of sludge and doom metal, all set against a backdrop of industrial metal and the tearing frequencies of drone / noise music.

Denouncing the moral decline of our society’s descent into darkness with paradoxical simplicity and clarity, “Negative” borrows from the opus of Theodor Adorno to dismantle the chimera of individuality and critical thinking within the cogwheels of consumerism.

An anathema spelt against the culture industry for standardizing all arts and forms of expression, and acknowledging with lancinating lucidity the disingenuousness of all so-called creative achievements – in arts as in underground music – as the mere part of a wider design set to tame individuality.

In perfect symbiosis with the music, the artwork is also raw and yet sophisticated, whimsical but austere, and lavishly minimalist: created by renowned Australian photographer Sophie Gabrielle, the image was photographed a manifold of times, with its negatives sunk in polluted water and then dried allowing microbes to eat away at the negative itself.

Similarly, “Negative” unfolds as a process of negative dialectics, a backdrop of negation set against the stage of the apparent world with the intent to finally make the invisible visible

FFO: Cephalic Carnage, Anaal Nathrakh, Discordance Axis


Album tracklist:

1) Superficialibi
2) Minima Moralia
3) Displeasure in Pleasure
4) Eulogic (Negative Dialektik)
5) Our Cruelty to Reality (Evokism IV)
6) An Objective Tragedy
7) For Our Culpable Dead *
8) The Unattainable Joy *
9) The Underworld Unveiled
10) The Idiotic Yearning for More (Barbarism of Perfection)

Bonus tracks for the vinyl edition only.


Void: Everything


Extra layers of noise in tracks number 4 and 5 by Davide Destro (LaColpa, MacabroDio)

Guest vocals and songwriting in track number 4: Derhead

Recorded, mixed and made sense of by Davide Tavecchia and Void at Twilight Studio

Original artwork by Sophie Gabrielle

Additional artwork (inlays) by Giuseppe Fancellu (Sscvlt)

Band’s pictures by Sarah Beck

Concept, design, artistic producers and supervision by: Feed Them Death and Brucia Records