WITCHBOUND – New Single & Video „Interstellar Odyssey“

With their second video “Interstellar Odyssey”, WITCHBOUND are going on an exciting lyric journey and especially showing their new diversity
with two voices. While Natalie Pereira dos Santos did the vocals in the first video “End Of Paradise”, this time the voice of Tobias Schwenk is in the
foreground. In combination with Stefan Kauffmann’s proven talent for haunting songwriting, it turns into a fast-paced Melodic Metal number.


OFFICIAL VIDEO „Interstellar Odyssey“:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wumhomzZ6ZA




The album “End Of Paradise” is the successor to the legendary 2015 debut album “Tarot’s Legacy”. Since then, the band has turned a few screws
to present a varied and interesting album on April 30th, 2021.


By the time the album is released, the last of the strictly limited collector’s boxes (only 111 copies worldwide!) will probably be sold out.


Tracklist WITCHBOUND – “End Of Paradise”


2.Battle of Kadesh

3.Interstellar Odyssey

4.End of Paradise   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBdvnetS2LI

5.Carved in Stone

6.Flags of Freedom



9.Last Divide

10.Sea of Sorrow

11.Foreign Shores

12.Dance of the Dead

13.These Tears

14.As long as we can rock

15.Our Hope

The album appears digitally on the common platforms:

Single „Interstellar Odyssey“ https://backl.ink/144943069
Album „End Of Paradise“          https://backl.ink/144924184


Stefan Kauffmann   (Ex-STORMWITCH)         Guitars
Peter Langer (Ex-STORMWITCH)                     Drums
Natalie Pereira dos Santos                                      Vocals
Tobias Schwenk                                                              Vocals
Julian Steiner                                                                    Guitars
Frank Bittermann                                                          Bass

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