TVH present “Dear Son”

TVH “Dear Son” official release date 5/18/19.

Story behind the song: The song was written for Odin, son of Alli (vocals/electric cello) and Instigator Jon (guitar/vocals), as an expression of their unconditional love for him. The words are also an accurate description of our heavenly Father’s unconditional love for humanity. The band hopes that the message of love and offer of grace extended by the words of this song will touch all who hear it.

TVH is a six-piece melodic rock band based in Roland, OK. The TVH sound is characterized by layered strings, including harmonic guitar leads, electric cello, and two basses. Soulful vocals are the icing.

Band members are Alli Chastain (vocals/electric cello), Instigator Jon (guitar/vocals), Jake Gibson (drums), Tye Tanic (guitar), John The Barber (bass #1/vocals), and The Storm (bass #2).

“Dear Son” was recorded at Fountain Square House, LLC, produced by Eric Bragg, mastered by Full Circle Mastering. Cover art by Amanda Gibson.