TOXAEMIA release “Pestilence” video

It’s already great news for Swedish old-school death metal fans that TOXAEMIA is back with a new song. The fact that it’s the first song we can listen and the first video we can see from their debut album, released 30+ years after the band was formed, it’s just (black) magic!

“Pestilence” is a fast-paced energetic song that has something for everyone, as I see it“, bassist Pontus Cervin ponders. “Lyrically it has layers, it could easily be about the plague for sure, but it could just as easily be about social media or just toxic people around us. I think it depends on who is listening“.

“Pestilence” debuted exclusively in heavily trafficked Ghost Cult Magazine and can be seen here or below.

Stevo Bolgakov: guitar, vocals
Pontus Cervin: bass
Rasmus Axelsson: lead guitar
Dennis Johansson: vocals
Per “Perra” Karlsson: drums

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