Tarchon Fist – Official lyric video for the song “Sky Rider” from the current album “Apocalypse” online

Italian Heavy Metal warriors Tarchon Fist have released an official lyric video for “Sky Rider”, a track from their current album “Apocalypse” which was released on August 16, 2019 via the German label Pride & Joy Music. The video features animations of several creatures that appear in the underlying story of the “Apocalypse” album about the fight of good against evil.
“Apocalypse” is the first concept album in Tarchon Fist’s rousing classic  Heavy Rock / Heavy Metal style and was the follow-up to the cds “Tarchon Fist” (2008), “Fighters” (2009), “Heavy Metal Black Force” (2013) and “Celebration” (10th anniversary compilation, 2015) by the group formed 2005 in Bologna, Italy.
Tracklisting “Apocalypse”:
01 Prologue To Apocalypse
02 Clash Of The Gods
03 Evil Comes From Underground
04 Lights Of Fire
05 No Mercy For The Enemy
06 Last Human Strength
07 Proud To Be Dinosaurs
08 Sky Rider
09 Titan Of The Forest
10 Razor From The Abyss
11 My Destiny – Epilogue
Tarchon Fist are:
“Ramon” – Mirco Ramondo – Lead Vocals
“Lvcio” – Luciano Tattini – Lead & Rhythm Guitars & Backing Vocals
“Rix” – Sergio Rizzo – Lead & Rhythm Guitars & Backing Vocals
“Wallcace” – Marco Pazzini – Bass & Backing Vocals
“Jack” – Giacomo Lauretani – Drums


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