STORMWARRIOR reveals first album details

Are you in the mood for pure Viking Heavy Metal? Look no further, STORMWARRIOR have something in store for you: Their upcoming album “Norsemen”, which will be released on November 29th via Massacre Records!

The album was mixed and mastered by Piet Sielck at Powerhouse Studio in Hamburg, Germany. Renowned artist Andreas Marschall is responsible for the impressive cover artwork that’s available below along with the album’s track list.

The main theme of the upcoming album is – you might have already guessed it – the life of Norsemen warriors.

The first single from STORMWARRIOR’s new album – which is available for pre-order soon – will be released on October 16th!


CD Digipak

1. To The Shores Where We Belong
2. Norsemen (We Are)
3. Storm Of The North
4. Freeborn
5. Odin’s Fire
6. Sword Dane
7. Blade On Blade
8. Shield Wall
9. Sword Of Valhalla

Gatefold Vinyl LP

Side A: Track 1-5
Side B: Track 6-9



15.11.2019 ES Donostia-San Sebastián – Centro Cultural Larratxo
21.11.2019 DE Hamburg – Bahnhof Pauli
22.11.2019 DE Mannheim – 7er Club
28.03.2020 DE Hamm – Kulturrevier Radbod (Ragers Elite Festival)