PYTHIA reveals details about the new release, ”The Solace Of Ancient Earth”

The world we have created for ourselves can be a cold and empty place; its endless shades of grey bleaching the colour from our dreams and its grinding monotony imprisoning our souls. We have never needed those who can break our chains and show us the way to other worlds more, torchbearers whose imaginations burn brightly in the darkness. Pythia are storytellers, dreamweavers and cage breakers and having triumphed at the recent Hammerfest XI festival with Overkill and Flotsam And Jetsam, they are ready to unveil their long awaited fourth album, The Solace Of Ancient Earth.

Since their 2009 debut, Beneath The Veiled Embrace, Pythia have opened gateways to realms of wonder, transporting listeners from their everyday prisons to places where their hearts can sing again. When the songs that form the perfect whole of The Solace Of Ancient Earth embrace you, you can lose yourself in grand adventure, be taken over by powerful emotions and open your mind’s eye on glorious vistas previously unimagined. The powerful yet beguiling voice of Sophie Dorman is your guide, narrator and guardian angel, leading you through landscapes carved out by towering riffs and thunderous drums, painted in swathes of symphonic colour and gilded in dazzling guitar melodies.

Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Doro, Kamelot etc), The Solace Of Ancient Earth sounds spectacular – vibrant and alive. Reaching heights beyond even their last critically acclaimed album, Shadows Of A Broken Past, The Solace Of Ancient Earth offers a breathtaking experience beyond the boundaries of all you know. Be ready when the call comes and let Pythia remind you how it feels to be alive!


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