PEDIGREE – released a new full-length album “Funeral Child”

Estonia’s industrial metal behemoth PEDIGREE”s new album “Funeral Child”
is a dark and heavy monster marching and steamrolling along the industrial landscape, with obvious deviations to alternative music, doom and post metal, darkstep, trip hop, modern black metal, sludge and hell-knows-what-more. Multilayered and exciting as always, Pedigree still breaks down traditional musical understandings and boundaries.

“Funeral Child” introduces many guests, featuring Submerged, Bedless Bones, previous band members and many Estonian scene veterans.

PEDIGREE’s frontman Holden “Bonne” Laamann adds: “I’ve always said that I don’t think it makes sense to release a new album if it’s not better for you than the previous one. “Funeral Child” is by far better than any of our previous albums. If “Standard Sundown” felt more like my solo effort, “Funeral Child” brings us back to the band form.”

“Funeral Child” is available to listen on all major platforms.