PANDO – release new album “Rites” via Aesthetic Death

US experimental drone/black metal entity PANDO conspire with Aesthetic Death to release “Rites”, the band’s new album, on March 26th 2021.

When art reflects life.
A vivid dissection of contemporary society, politics, religion and culture.

PANDO have recorded what must be seen as a brutal and aggressive piece of work, in comparison to their previous works, which were often more introspective and insular.

No longer could the contempt and outrage for the deceitful, the divisive, the scandalous be left not countered, nor the regressive perspectives of recent times be kept away from their artistic output.

is a channel for these feelings and thoughts. It is an output, and an outpouring.“Rites” is a repository for the restoration of balance – through the unmitigated angst of the tracks therein. PANDO’s unique mesh of ambient, noise soundscape rhythms is uncomfortably intertwined with metal sounding barrages of aggression.

The new album from PANDO is a cerebral affair, it requires attention and dedication to unpick and interpret in your own way.

The 3rd full length release with Aesthetic Death – it is a constant source of enjoyment for Aesthetic Death to be able to work with such obscure, underground, vociferous and talented individuals such as PANDO. Respect.


Album tracklist:

01. Agapē
02. Dadaism
03. In God We Trust With Our Cold Dead Hand
04. Total Station Theodolite
05. The Molds Of Men
06. I Want To Believe
07. Excarnation
08. The Octagon Room
09. On The Shores Of Hell