MENTAL CRUELTY – ‘A Hill To Die Upon’ out 28th May via Unique Leader

German death metal quintet Mental Cruelty release their terrifying new album ‘A Hill To Die Upon’ on 28th May via Unique Leader Records. You should have a copy via Haulix, I hope you’re enjoying it if you’ve had a chance to listen. I’d love to know if you’re reviewing the album – I can send a separate Haulix link to somebody on your team if you need me to.
‘A Hill To Die Upon’ combines blackened-breakdowns and blast beats with epic arrangements, orchestral ornaments and just a pinch of slam. The result is a real monster of brutality, which is underlined by its high musical ability, already demonstrated with previous release ‘Inferis’, and with the association of producer Sky Van Hoff (Kreator, Rammstein, Caliban).
Check out the band’s recent singles below.
Ultima Hypocrita:
Founded in 2016 in Germany, the quintet have established themselves as one of the most exciting bands on the extreme underground, touring Europe with Rings Of Saturn and Nekrogoblikon in 2019 and North America with Signs Of The Swarm and Disentomb. Now with two albums under their belts, including 2019’s critically acclaimed Inferis, produced by Sky Van Hoff (Rammstein, Kreator), they have become well known for their signature blackened breakdowns, blast beats, epic arrangements and slamming brutality.