LAMORI’s Single And Video “Born To Lose” is Out Today

Finnish metal combo LAMORI are proud to unleash their new single and official video “Born to Lose”.

Statement about single:
We chose Born to Lose as the first single because we wanted to skip all the small talk and just get straight down to business. And believe us, we have spared no effort here. This song is an “all guns blazing” first introduction to our upcoming album Neo Noir. So be prepared! This punch in the gut will leave you begging for more.


“Born to Lose” Single available on:


Shot by: Carolina Juselius
Edited by: Mikael Westerlund
Produced by: LAMORI
Thanks to: Mariehamns Räddningsverk, Uncan
Photo credit: Therese Andersson BLICK
Statement about video:
Our two previous videos were both shot in black and white. So we thought it was time to add some color. As you can all see in the video, we’re not for half measures.
The core idea about the video is that we can all be our own worst enemies. The game of chess could be a metaphor for life. We are our only true opponent. So we have to choose. Do I want to be the me that is on the winning side or the losing side of the table? Sometimes it is hard to tell who is who though. And when we go and do stupid things, then it all becomes even harder. We always want more. We are never satisfied. We are born to lose.
From reservoirs of darkness and neon lit nightmares rises Finnish five-piece LAMORI. Uniting gothic metal with dark wave, modern rock and everything in between, is what defines the sound of LAMORI. With Lyrics inspired by cult horror movie maestros and old romanticism, the band furthermore finalize their macabre elegance. Founded in 2009 on the Aland Islands, an autonomous region in Finland, the band self-released their first album “Deadly Desires” in 2013. After penning a deal with Wormholedeath a year later, the band started working on their first major album “To Die Once Again”, released in 2016. A follow up has been in the works for the last couple of years and is now ready to be released upon the world.