Swedish Knogjärn (Eng.: Knuckle-duster) are the IN-YOUR-FACE, kick-ass kind of Hard Rock, right off the bat! Today, they re-release their album “Stora och Farliga”, including the new track “Älskar Ingen”, and you can listen to it here: Turn the volume to 11 and rock ‘til you f***ing drop!


With its explicit Swedish lyrics and an emphasis on the “Hard” in Hard Rock, the unique sub-genre of Swedish Hard Rock is something you’ve got to love – including Knogjärn. The quartet stay true to their genre while turning it up some notches, pumping up the listener and making you fight-ready to rock extremely hard!


Since the start in 2015, Knogjärn has delivered nothing but sonic raging anger with an unapologetic, IN-YOUR-FACE attitude. The foursome drops super-charged records, but they hit even harder when on stage: “We want you to like our live performance even if you don´t like our music”, the band states. Their records are the testimony that Knogjärn always give 100%! Hard’n’heavy riffs with raging vocals and explicit lyrics speak beyond their vernacular, beloved by their ever-growing crowd of fans, who has already started to cover themselves in Knogjärn-tattoos.


This Fall, Knogjärn signed with Indie Recordings, and with that releasing “Kvarlevor” and re-releasing their latest album “Stora och Farliga”.

“Kvarlevor” is a collection of all their stand-alone singles throughout the career, you can listen to it here:

The re-release of “Stora och Farliga” includes the brand-new track “Älskar Ingen”, that fits perfectly with the rest of the album. Adding an extra track wasn’t a difficult task for the creative and productive Knogjärn; “It wasn’t hard writing a new song in the same style since it wasn’t too long ago that we released the album” comments the band.


“ “Stora och Farliga”, recorded by Oscar Nilsson at Crehate Studios, including the bonus track “Älskar Ingen” out today, December 2 via Indie Recordings!

Band Members:

Kim Eriksson – Vocals

Markus Hurtig – Guitar

Rasmus Sörbom – Bass

Johan Hidén – Drums