KILL THE LIGHTS: l’album d’esordio “The Sinner” in uscita il 21 agosto

New Fearless Records signing Kill The Lights, which features former members of Bullet For My Valentine and Throw the Fight, have announced their debut album The Sinner. The record arrives August 21 on Fearless Records.

To celebrate the news, the band has shared the video for the new song “Through The Night“. Watch it here.

“The song very personally hits home for me” shares singer James Clark. “I have struggled for the longest time with anxiety and depression and ‘Through the Night’ is a snapshot of what is going through the mind of someone struggling with these types of mental health issues. The song takes you on a roller coaster ride and captures the ups and downs of someone carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, going from happy and energetic one minute to being paralyzed by fear and worry the next.”

Clark continues, “Luckily, I found just enough strength to speak up and get some help. I will be the first person to admit I still find it hard to share feelings and talk about my problems. Sharing my struggles through my lyrics is a form of rehab for me — it allows me to be honest and open while still being able to hide behind the music. I hope that this song truly connects with listeners who feel trapped and alone with these types of feelings and that it empowers them to reach out and get the help they might need.”


Shed My Skin
“The Faceless”
“Watch You Fall”
“Through The Night”
“Open Your Eyes”
“Tear Me Apart”
“The Enemy”

“Chasing Shadows”*
*Available on CD version only

Previously, Kill The Lights shared their cover of Testament’s 1988-released classic thrash anthem “Into the Pit.”

James Clark — Vocals (ex-Throw The Fight)
Jordan Whelan — Guitar (Still Remains)
Michael “Moose” Thomas — Drums (ex-Bullet For My Valentine)
Travis Montgomery — Guitar (ex-Threat Signal)