I’ll Be Damned – release “Primal Fear” video

Second video/single from I’LL BE DAMNED upcoming album. “Primal Fear” shows the Danish band firing on all cylinders. In the end, only rock’n’roll stands.

I’ll Be Damned plays God Damned Rock’n’Roll exclusively, explosively – and with a metal edge. The band started out in 2010 and consists of five guys paroling against rulers and organized religion. The five members come from different backgrounds, but are all deeply rooted in the Danish rock- and metal scene.

The third album from the Danish combo, the successor to “Road To Disorder”, should be out in 2021.

See “Primal Fear” in the link below or via one of our media partners that premiered the video.


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Rock Nation (IT)
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Heavymetal.no (NO)
Metal Hammer (PT)
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Friedhof Magazine (ES)
Sonic Perspectives (US)

Review-excerpts (translated from Danish media):

When you can make the audience all clap together at an afternoon gig, you have to know how to work a venue. I’LL BE DAMNED knows, and they also know how to write catchy hook lines that you can sing along with already in the second chorus. One should be slightly made of wood not to want to shout along with “Fuck The World (Be Happy)”, “Drainage” and especially “Fever” – a smash hit.
– GAFFA, COPENHELL 2016 review 5/6 stars.

I’ll Be Damned was outstanding on a day when it otherwise would have been all about Black Sabbath. Excellent music in a great setting.”
– Poplish, COPENHELL 2016 review 5/5 stars

I’LL BE DAMNED sounds at times like a meaner and more vicious cousin to D-A-D, and at other times there is enough Seattle sludge to get Soundgarden to clap their hands. They’re in control of the virtues, and if there have been nerves ahead of today’s concert, the band doesn’t show it. They deliver, as we say up north, without so much bullshit.”
– GAFFA, SPOT Festival 2015 review 5/6 stars.

I’ll Be Damned have a reputation of being one of the best live bands in Denmark according to many I’ve talked to. Tonight, they seek to prove that statement through a flamboyant performance, which combines classy outfits with a rowdy southern rock atmosphere.
– Rockfreaks.net, “When Copenhell Freezes Over” at Vega, Cph 2016

Mark Damgaard: vocals
Boris Tandrup: guitars
Kristian Sloth: lead guitars
Jens Lunde: bass
Anders Gyldenøhr: drums