HOOTENANNY FREAKS – release new single “Night Train”

“Night Train” is the third single release from Hootenanny Freaks‘ upcoming album “Eyes Of The Warrior”. The album will be released during 2021. The idea for the song came from the singer’s own Harley Davidson hobby combined with an “Outlaw” themed story inspired by the Sons Of Anarchy TV-series. Therefore, in this song, the Night Train is not actually a train, but a motorcycle.
“I have been watching all the seasons of the Sons Of Anarchy in a pretty short time. The series was so good and addictive that it inspired me to the song” says vocalist Pepe Tamminen.
The song differs somewhat from the normal baseline of Hootenanny Freaks’ music. However, the heavy rock cadence has not been forgotten, although, for example, in this song more room has been given to the keyboards. This time, the curves are not pulled straight, but the kilometers are folded to the beat of this song with a good mood, enjoying the bends on the road.
Watch motorist-inspired music video from here: https://youtu.be/GyjEjkLZuXM
Hootenanny Freaks founded in 1997 is strongly influenced by 70s and 80s rock music. The band has already released two singles from their upcoming album; “Isolation” and “Girl on Fire”. Both songs have received a lot of positive feedback around the world from Europe to South America.
Lineup: Pepe Tamminen (vocals), Esko Kemell (guitar), Aapo Häyrinen (guitar and keyboards), Marko Kuurne (drums) and Marko Leino (bass)
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