FLOWERLEAF releases new lyric video with 8 different bands

On May 22nd, the symphonic metal band FlowerLeaf released their new lyric video ”We Will Stand”, from their debut album Stronger.

“We Will Stand” is a duet between FlowerLeaf’s singer Vivs Takahashi and Marina La Torraca (Phantom Elite, Exit Eden).

“This a song about not lowering your head to what other people are saying and that together we are stronger”, says Vivs. “So it made sense to invite more people to be a part of it and celebrate this message. We are very happy that Nadine Mittmann (Conspiria), Kelly Thans (Pandora’s Key), Baśak Ceber (Dream Ocean), Sara Vanderheyden (Cathubodua) and Aliki Katriou (Eight Lives Down) accepted our invitation”.

The video was made by Grazy Mesquita (Lasting Maze).


Watch “We Will Stand”


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