FIVE STAR CROOKS: the new album “Ride On”

The name Five Star Crooks is symbolic of Aussie spirit and history – the five Southern Cross stars depicted on the Eureaka and Australian flags, a nation sprung from convicts, and refers to the freedom fighting spirit of the outlaw Ned Kelly and other outlaws like him, such as Geronimo, William Wallace, and Robin Hood – FIVE STAR CROOKS. In the tradition of AC/DC, The Angels, and Rose Tattoo, Five Star Crooks write hard rock, with a blues/boogie influence. ‘Raw and Rhythmic’ was the headline in a local paper advertising the CD launch of their 2014 debut album, ‘Hearts and Hands’. The track Lady Teacher from this album made through to the last round of judging in the International Music Awards in the best hard rock song category that year. The album also featured the track No Risk, No Reward mixed by AC/DC’s live sound engineer during the 70’s ‘Sid’ Grondman. 2016 saw the release of the single Every Action mixed and mastered by L.A’s Brian Lanese & Brandon Bujnowski, an enticing hint of what was to come on the second album ‘Ride On’ released on Feb 1st 2019. Five Star Crooks again collaborated with legendary Australian sound engineer Bill Irvin & Melbourne’s renowned producer Jack the Bear to deliver a classic Aussie rock album for the ages. The song-writing collaboration between guitarist Rich Anderson and the new member on guitar, Paul Boksich, has further strengthened the band, already blessed with the thumping bass lines of Nik Brajkovic, the big beats of drummers’ Travis Venn & Pete Bugess and Burgess’ husky, soulful vocals. With two more albums worth of rock and roll up their sleeve, Five Star Crooks promise the best is still yet to come. Five Star Crooks like ‘good times and rock and roll’ – join their gang!