ETERNAL WINTER reveals track listing for upcoming album!

US epic heavy metal band ETERNAL WINTER have unveiled the track listing for their upcoming new album “ARCHAIC LORE ENSHRINED: SONGS OF SAVAGE SWORDS AND DARK MYSTICISM”.

Track Listing:
Ludar’s Litany to Thasaidon
The Curse of Baron Sengir
Nosferatu Necronomica (Voodoo Staff Fantasia)
The Hills of the Dead
Sojan Shieldbearer
The Pearls of the Vampire Queen
…And Death Waltzed in the Court of Prospero
Masque of the Red DeatH
The Dark Kingdom (Invoking the Nightside)
Jirel Meets Magic
Victor of a Hundred Battles
The Eldritch Dark

Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Matthew Knight states::

Since the beginning of Eternal Winter in 2002, I have always adhered to a strict, story-telling lyrical content based solely on events pulled from an original, dark fantasy saga. This time around, rather than continuing with the usual concept, I have chosen to take an intermission, and pay tribute to various literary masters that have inspired me throughout the years. As a result, the song-cycle turned out to have quite a heavy and melodic edge with many dark, mystical moments. It is quite colorful with much variation. Because each song tells it’s own story, each have their own individual vibe, and none sound exactly the same. The album has been in the works for a few years now, and will soon see the light of day via Majestic Metal Records. We are currently deeply involved in the mixing stage, and are looking forward to unleashing the album in early 2020.

Eternal Winter band line-up

Matthew Knight – Vocals / Guitars:
Gordon Burchell – Bass
Keith Moye – Keyboards
Matt Brookins – Drums:

Eternal Winter’s legendary debut album “Within the Castle Shadowgate” was originally released in 2014.

For the latest band news, upcoming show dates and purchase music, visit the official Eternal Winter website and BandCamp page.

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Known as The True Knights Of Metal, the American heavy metal band, Eternal Winter have been gracing the underground with their unique brand of dark & epic, true power metal since 2002. After over a decade of demos, EPs and countless live shows, the band released their debut full-length album, “Within The Castle Shadowgate”. Led by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter, Matthew Knight, the music of Eternal Winter ranges from melodic and symphonic to dark, savage and heavy. A concept album based on their own Eternal Winter Saga, this collection of metal hymns is laden with soaring, ripping vocals, high-pitched screams, huge choirs, monstrous rhythms, shredding solos, majestic keyboard arrangements, dramatic interludes and theatrical narrations. A must-have for any fan of True Epic Heavy Metal!