December 23, 2019:  Metal band Cynical Existence officially announces their new full-length release, Rebirth.

For fans of: Static-X & Combichrist

Rebirth marks the fifth album by Cynical Existence. The album also marks a mile stone in the bands history as the first pure metal album by the band.
If the album Dying Light  laid the foundation for CYNICAL EXISTENCE new sound. Then Rebirth has perfected that and turned it into a metal monster.
Rebirth is a gritty and aggressive album with a lot of atmosphere and memorable melodies. Combined with Fredrik’s distinct screams and growl the circle is complete.  Expect a 10 song album with a lot of variation in terms of speed and mood.




Cynical Existence started in 2011 as Fredrik Croona’s solo project, evolving over the years into a full band. Dying Light (2017) marked a new era for Cynical Existence and a new transition into a more metal oriented sound culminating with the release of the new album Rebirth (2019). Melodic and aggressive guitars mixed in with synthesizers and Fredrik’s signature voice sets the tone for the Rebirth. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden the band has performed live on many countries such as Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, U.S.A. Germany, Netherlands and Poland.