Crystal Faith pulls a rabbit out of an 80s hat for new release!

Another month brings another metallic offering from Canada’s Crystal Faith and march takes everyone back to the eighties, as the band brings a little illusion to their body of work. In this very serious period of social solidarity where everyone sacrifices their liberties for the greater good, Crystal Faith decided to go with a lighter offering in these heavier of times.

Always looking to bring something fresh, exciting and different to their fans, the boys took their inspiration through a time machine and picked a song that was an international hit at a time when home video meant choosing between VHS or Betamax, film director Steven Spielberg introduced us to a friendly extra-terrestrial, 15-years old Rich Skrenta developed the first computer virus and metal bands were yet to be contaminated with hair spray and make-up. Originally released in 1982 by British R’n’B trio Imagination, “Just An Illusion” was a top ten hit all over the world and the song managed to find its way to Crystal Faith’s guitarist and producer, Erik Simard, who created the perfect guitar part to get the ball rolling toward signer Pat Lord, who followed his lead and took the vocal part in another dimension. The band hopes this production will help everyone who listens to it take their mind off the severe conditions we are all facing and wishes all to be safe and healthy until the crisis is passed. Take care of each other, enjoy “Just An Illusion” and keep the Faith.

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