BRAVEWORDS Presents Your At-Home Concert Experience “Streaming For Vengeance”

Welcome to the present and future of live events! BraveWords has launched the ultimate platform where fans and bands can safely interact and keep the fires of heavy metal burning into eternity.

“BraveWords is proud to announce our new streaming initiative, appropriately titled, Streaming For Vengeance! We just wanted to give people some hope as they wave their horns at home – a taste of the past and a model for the future,” BraveWords President/CEO “Metal” Tim Henderson summarizes this exciting new project. “We are just as shaken up like the rest of our industry, but we will rise again! Streaming hard rock and heavy metal content safely into peoples homes and devices will help reconnect the scene across the globe. So please join us for this unique streaming spectacle as we start rolling out regular events soon!”

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Streaming For Vengeance is going to create the ultimate worldwide “live” experience as bands perform on the “Hemispheres Stage”, uniting the world and honouring Rush legend Neil Peart.

BraveWords will be hosting regular live events on their official Facebook page and vigorously promoting them on BraveWords, which sees over 10,000 unique visitors EVERY SINGLE DAY!

How Streaming For Vengeance Works:


Depending on band size/stature, 30-60 minutes events which can be a mix of music, stories and Q&A.

Streaming For Vengeance can also host album release performances and special listening parties.

BraveWords will provide the following to all bands:

All-encompassing marketing campaign promoting the event.

A weekly story featuring all shows.

Three social media posts in the two weeks leading up.

Video file of your performance.

Post review of performance by one of BraveWords established writers.

For more information and question please contact

25 years and counting, BraveWords wears their metal heart loudly on their sleeve, as they celebrate the greatest genre of music with the most dedicated and passionate fans on the planet!