BLACK LION RECORDS announces its ever first compilation “Afterlife In Darkness I”

We are pleased to announce the first ever Black Lion Records compilation CD, Afterlife In Darkness I, the name is taken from the Brazilian Death Metal group Depressed’s debut album, Afterlife In Darkness and we’ve chosen this name due it special meaning for us, since Depressed was the first band we ever released on CD.

Coming this summer, the compilation will present old, new, and un-released tracks from previous and upcoming releases. As we grow up in the physical world where magazines like Legacy, Decibel, Terroriser, Close up, Sweden Rock etc, used to hand out these kind of CDs and in many times it had a solid band, that we grew fond of.

The CD will be limited to 500 units and housed in a 2x CD Digipak with a cover artwork created in house by Marcos Cerutti; If you find us at festivals or events you’re most likely to get a hold of it

Black Lion Records, is the result of a bunch of nice people working directly or indirectly or supporting our operation somehow: Oliver Dahlbäck, Marcos Cerutti, Daniel Israelsson, Nova Vikström, Jimmy Edlund, Zoheb and Qabar for the unbeatable PR, Johan Persson, Cristiane Stoppiglia, Guilherme Henriques, Joel Martins at Titanforged productions, Melissa and Robert from Metalhead Box, our friends at Sound Pollution and Code 7 for the kick ass distro work, Jakub and all the crew at Monotype Pressing, all the bands for delivering killer music and all our customers around the world.



Track list

Disc 1

01 – Bleeding Utopia – Ascendant of Hate
02 – Meadows End – Non Dreaming Eye
03 – Vanha – The Rain Never Ends
04 – Desolator – The Faceless God
05 – Vagrant – Blood On A Crow’s Beak
06 – Nihility – Thus Spoke The Antichrist
07 – Caoimhín – Víðarr
08 – Kull – A Summoning to War
09 – Kvaen – Yee Naaldlooshii
10 – Black Therapy – Phoenix Rising
11 – Bloodphemy – Spree Killing
12 – Siniestro – Exitium Vivorum Omnes
13 – Defiatory – Death Takes Us All
14 – Nemesium – Virch
15 – Depressed – Descending Into Madness

Disc 2
01 – Night Crowned – All Life Ends
02 – Legacy of Emptiness – Into The Eternal Pits Of Nothingness
03 – Wormlight – Reptilian King
04 – Northwind Wolves – Lord ff Winter fnd Death
05 – Ov Lustra – Tempestas
06 – Mist of Misery – Absence
07 – IATT – Osteogenesis Imperfecta
08 – Wells Valley – Reconcile Anatomy
09 – Carpatus – Rites of Fire and Blood
11 – Deathmarch – Death Marches On
12 – Soulemission – Where Fallen Angles Dare
13 – Soul Dissolution – Stardust
14 – Murdryck – As The Moon Bleeds
15 – Hinayana – The Window


Our first ever Compilation album is now up for streaming over at bandcamp download available at name your price!

Double cd digipack version available soon!…/afterlife-in-darkne…

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