BALGEROTH – issue second official video

As you may know, the 3-CD Digipak edition of the DEBAUCHERY’s upcoming album “Monster Metal” will also contain a disc with songs by BALGEROTH who performs songs by DEBAUCHERY with German lyrics.

You can now watch the video for BALGEROTH’s brand new single “Böse bis ins Blut” on

It’s already the third video for a BALGEROTH song that’s featured on “Monster Metal”.

The new album offers 100% DEBAUCHERY monster metal with a lot of groove, killer riffs, sinister vocals and the band’s signature lyrics. Also, the Trinity Of Blood Gods – consisting of Debauchery, Balgeroth and Blood God – once again unites on the 3-CD Digipak version of the album.

DEBAUCHERY’s “Monster Metal” is going to be released on May 21st via Massacre Records, and will be available as a 3-CD Digipak, limited edition vinyl LP in different colors, a strictly limited box set with exclusive content as well as in digital formats. You can pre-order it here »

The LP will be available on red or black vinyl. Additionally, EMP exclusively sells the LP on strictly limited transparent red vinyl.


DEBAUCHERY – Monster Metal

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DEBAUCHERY – Bloodking (Feat. Tim “Ripper” Owens) (Official Video) –
BALGEROTH – Blutgott (Official Video) –
DEBAUCHERY – Skull Mountain (Official Video) –
BALGEROTH – Die Belagerung von Knocheneheim (Official Video) –
BALGEROTH – Böse bis ins Blut (Official Video) –

3-CD Digipak

CD 1: DEBAUCHERY – Monster Metal

1. Bloodking
2. Skull Mountain
3. Debauchery Warmachine
4. Metal To The Bone
5. Blood God Eternal
6. Hate Kill Murder
7. Monster Metal
8. Debauchery Blood God
9. The Godmachines March To War
10. Warmachine Of The Chaos Gods

CD 2: BALGEROTH – Böse bis ins Blut

1. Blutgott
2. Die Belagerung von Knochenheim
3. Böse bis ins Blut
4. Hassen Töten Morden
5. Drachenungeheuer

CD 3: BLOOD GOD – Metal To The Bone

1. Monster Metal
2. Debauchery Warmachine
3. The Godmachines March To War
4. Blood God Eternal
5. Warmachine Of The Chaos Gods
6. Debauchery Blood God
7. Metal To The Bone

Vinyl LP

Side A

Skull Mountain
Debauchery Warmachine
Metal To The Bone
Blood God Eternal

Side B

Hate Kill Murder
Monster Metal
Debauchery Blood God
The Godmachines March To War
Warmachine Of The Chaos Gods