METALFORCE is the Heavy Metal side of Roma Daily News, the webspace for headbangers and metalheads united by same passion for Hard’n’Heavy music.
METAL is our faith and as Manowar says: …if you’re not into metal, you are not my friend!

coordinator: Rockberto Manenti

METALFORCE Staff: Andrea BonarrigoLorenzo Cipolla, Franka De Toma, Ilaria Degl’Innocenti, Paolo Fagioli D’Antona, Arianna Govoni, Rockberto Manenti, Alfredo Zorani

Photographers: Federica Borroni, Lucia Cirillo, Edoardo De Michelis, Raffaele Godi, Ivan Licheri, Yuri Minghini, Stefano Panaro

Collaborators: Elena Mecca, Daniele Oggioni


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